30 April 2009

A Box for all Your Files

There are lots of options for sharing files with colleagues. Probably the most common is sending the file via email. I often send myself files I may need when I am away from my office computer. That way, I can login to my email account and download the document.

But there is a better way! What I love about Box.net is its simplicity. It really is just a box for your stuff. You can create folders, upload files, and access them anywhere. The free version gives you 1GB of space - more than enough to store all your handouts, tests, and other documents.

Your box is more than just a storage bin. You can share folders with others - either for viewing or for collaboration. You (and collaborators) can add comments on any file. You can send the file to anyone or you can create a link to the file making the file accessible to anyone with the url. At anytime, you can "unshare" the file.

The more you explore Box.net, the more features you discover. Today, I found that you can add "openbox services" to your box. For example, I added eFax service which allows me to fax any document to anyone --- FREE.

There is a paid version of the service which extends the file space (15GB), provides faster uploads, and offers access to your files from your phone.