24 June 2009


Sometimes getting to the answer is half the fun. With jigzone.com, you have the choice of solving one of their wide variety of jigsaw puzzles or creating one with your own image. You can choose from a wide level of difficulty from 6 pieces all the way up to 247!

The puzzles can be solved on their website (click on the image below) or embedded on your own website or blog.

The images require a specific set of dimensions (400 x 300 pixels) and file size (less than 20K.

I've imagined using the idea as part of an internet quest - solve the puzzle to get a clue for the next location in the quest. Or alternatively, use the puzzle as a stand alone question: Identify the graph/equation(s) once the image is pieced together. Any other ideas?

1 comment:

  1. It would be really fun if you could configure the puzzle to not show the solution. You could then prompt the player "Solve the puzzle and describe the function that makes this graph". Of course the puzzle as it is was a challenge for me. :-)